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“OZZI PIZZA” was started by Anna and Tom. Tom is an Australian or “Aussie” – that is how the name was chosen.


We aim to provide:

  • Tasty, healthy food
  • Clean surroundings
  • Quick service
  • Affordable prices


What are our specialties?
Well, of course, PIZZA! How is it different to others? We do not compromise on quality. We use only the best ingredients such as prime beef and fresh chicken prepared in our kitchen. Our main cheese is imported mozzarella – no other cheese can give that “stringy” texture. Finally, our sauce doesn’t come from a tin! We prepare our own sauce to our own recipe using fresh Kuban tomatoes.

Our other specialty, which is unique in Krasnodar are our Australian pies. They are based on meat and vegetables cooked in a delicious sauce and baked inside a golden pie crust. They are served hot and are delicious and filling. We offer 4 types: Beef & Mushroom, Curry, Chicken and “Farmer’s” pie. A pie and salad together make a tasty and balanced lunch. Try one today!


We have two dining areas; cool in summer and warm in winter. The décor has an Australian theme. We have some genuine Aboriginal implements on display as well as Australian fauna posters which children find interesting. For the adults; a large TV plays sport or music.


Our staff are friendly, courteous and helpful. You will not find a sour face or rude staff at “Ozzi”!


We calculate our prices to be affordable to as many people as possible. We want our guests to have a pleasant meal with us and we want you to return. We will not achieve that if we are too expensive or if we do not achieve our other aims. We hope to see you soon!

“If you are happy – tell your friends. If you are not – tell us!”